Who Needs Money

Five Stories That shows…..Who needs money, I’ve got God!

  1. Roof – March 2018 I needed a new roof. My backdoor neighbor took a photo of the shingles were flapping in the wind. I decided three quotes were needed to make an educated decision. How much money and what type of shingles.

The third quote was a man who had worked in a factory that made shingles. He showed the insurance adjuster the damage from the winds and the insurance covered it all.

The Roofer said he would do it for whatever the insurance paid.

A. The insurance company took the $500 deductible up front.

B. I wanted the dimensional Shingles because they are thicker and last longer. The roofer said he would cover the difference.

2. Dress – March 2018 – I was asked to be in the Ms Senior Arizona pageant Nov. 2017 because I was a Ventriloquist. I told the Lord I can’t afford a new formal gown. I told Him I wanted a dress with sleeves to hide my arms, with coverage on the shoulders, and Blue.

The seventh thrift store was a Goodwill, it was senior day so I would get a little discount. I found a David Bridal Blue dress in my size, with sleeves and shoulders. The cashier said “I just put that dress out there”. I told him, “Yes, The Lord was saving it for me”!

I took it to the 2.99 dry cleaner and had under $11.00 total in the dress!

3. China – April/May 2018 – There was a mission trip to China that I was interested in and just felt I was going to go there. My Pastor said I think this would be a good break for you and you should go. I told him I was willing but I don’t have the money so God would have to provide. He said don’t worry about it, it will work out so you can go.

We had a garage sale and people gave enough money that it paid for myself and 2 other ladies to go on the mission trip!

4. Transmission Jan. 2018 to March 2019 – The transmission started acting up, I didn’t have money for a rebuilt transmission so I had the fluids changed and a lubricant added. That lasted a year and 3 months before it started to act up again. I had the fluid changed again and lubricant added a second time and it is still going!

5. Refrigerator – May 2019 – My fridge came with the house, 25-30 years old. I had replaced the ice maker but knew it was a matter of time. My friend was selling a one year old refrigerator that had a bottom freezer and french doors which I had wanted for a long time. No water/ice in the door, which I like. But I could afford $500 not 2,000 for a new fridge. I told her I wanted to buy it.

I had tried to sell my rifle for a few months and not interest. The weekend I was to get my newer fridge I had a garage sale and put up a photo of it with details. I had 4 men interested and 2 looked at it. One man offered $500 and I could have countered but it was what I needed so I said sold. The same hour I sold my old fridge for $150 which paid for the movers for the refrigerator.

The whole point of these examples is if you walk in harmony with God and His ways, not what someone or a church teaches you but what scripture actually says, He will help you and walk with you.

Do you walk in Love and Harmony or Anger and “My own way”?

If you believe Jesus words you can’t read the bible and use it in an angry way. Walk in Love is a Key Principle in Jesus’s teaching.

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