The Last Rejection

Suzy was doing very well on her own. She had worked through a lot of emotions and spiritual growth in the last two and a half years. She had blocked her ex on Facebook and didn’t want to know what he was doing. Which is a healthy thing to do. Never the less others would tell her what was going on.

The ex would tell many people, hoping it would get back to her. Narcissistic people want to know you still care even if they hate you. One of her friends told her he was getting married at the end of the month. She knew it was a matter of time.

At the beginning of this separation, she had shared with a close friend that he could not be alone and would find someone quickly to be his new source. He had to have someone who adored him, that he could control and manipulate.

A narcissist lives vicariously through others, they can not be alone. They hate themselves and need a source to feed off of. As soon as Suzy convinced him, with her steadfast ways, that she was not taking him back, he physically hooked up with his new source. He had been grooming his new source for a while now, online, calls, etc.

According to scripture, when you sleep with a woman, your married. So he had been married, in God’s eyes for 2 years.

Suzy’s ex was getting married today. She didn’t want him back, he had been living/sleeping with another woman for almost two years. But something was bothering her. She had to do some heart work, searching, to figure out what it was. She had started her heart work the day before. At first, she thought it might be her daughter who had disowned her and would be at the wedding taking smack about her mom and buddy buddy with the new source. But that didn’t seem to be it. So she searched more, meditating on it throughout the day. At the end of the day she was listening to a song about God’s love and it came to her.

It was the last nail in the coffin of rejection from him. The last Discard. She named it and now she could send it away. You have to give it a name even if it’s not the right name so you can send it away. The name is not important, identifying the cause and sending it away is. It was more detaching. Others told her this was normal for what she was going through but she couldn’t stay there. She had to send it away to move forward.

Thank God he discarded her. Suzy didn’t want to be controlled or manipulated by him anymore. Thank God she was not what he wanted anymore. Suzy knew even if she was what he wanted her to be, that would mean she couldn’t be what God wanted her to be.

Suzy asked a girlfriend to go with her and they had a day of pampering followed by an expensive steak/ shrimp dinner, and gluten free lava cake. Then a movie to celebrate her freedom. There would be no more text and harassment from him to get back together.

Time to enjoy this last breaking tie. And gloriously look forward to what God had for her.

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