Audible Books

Audible books is more than just listening to a book online. It was key in my recovery and a lifesaver.
For a year and half I listened everyday to free podcast that helped me grow and Audible books on Narcissism, toxic people, how they think, behave and how I should respond. I learned a whole new vocabulary! I cannot emphasize enough how key this was in my healing. Yes I had professional counselors, a good friend, but listening to these books validated me,

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There is a difference between Sadness and Depression

From the book Psychopath free by Jackson MacKenzie, get it on Audible today!

“Depression is hopeless, frightening and mind numbing.

Sadness is beautiful, the gentle moment when your spirit prepares itself for a fresh start. When you begin to feel real sadness it’s a sign that your reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.
Instead of devastation, emptiness, and upsetting triggers, your heart is ready to make one last transition.

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