Nothing people do has any power over us UNTIl we attach some significance to it.
we attach significance to it by passing judgement.

Assuming to know WHY they did what they did or said what they said. We are judging if it is good or evil.

Based on OUR assumption of why they did it.

Matt.7 According to Jesus ,,,the measure we meet is measured to us, in other words , Whatever I judge your motive to be, it AFFECTS me as if that judgement is true. We could be completely wrong and Kids do this by judging their Parents behaviors that becomes a part of creating an internal belief that affects their sense of worthiness, that becomes the ground work for emotional suicide. Things in the future, that we will destroy because of the way we feel about ourselves.

Buried pain in our lives that surface into destructive patterns.

Truth is it doesn’t matter HOW I got here or understanding it, What matters is am I going to take the steps that will lead me to an intimate connection with Jesus, that’s going to set me free from whatever this is.

offense means to trip someone up or cause them to stumble. When we pass judgement , it immediately affects us.
on a physiological level ,
we were taught if we didn’t forgive someone , God wouldn’t forgive you, even though the KJ says it that way the context is even when God sends it away, WE’VE got to send it away! The word Forgive means to send something away!
When we don’t forgive and hold on to a bitterness, not only does that set us up for a fall but that creates the offense. We are holding on to it, rethinking it, remembering it, rehearsing it in our mind.

The Brain has a direct link to one organ in the body. And that’s the liver. The brain has links to other organs but Everything that happens in your brain affects the liver first. The liver is the primary organ that determines the Health of every other organ in your body.

When people hold on to bitterness, anger, unforgiveness, Embarrassment, whatever, You cause your liver to disfunction. And in time that disfunction will manifest as a disease in whatever their weakest organ is. This is why if you don’t forgive your going to pay for it. Not the other person. And we don’t understand what forgiveness is. We think it is saying its ok, were friends again , what you did wasn’t so bad. that has nothing to do with forgiveness. It is mercy. Just because you forgive someone Doesn’t mean it’s time to trust them. You trust people based on their track records. You don’t trust them just because your a christian. You may need to stay away from that person, you may need to avoid them completely because they are a dangerous person emotionally or physically.

It doesn’t mean it’s ok and to trust them again. The word Forgive simply means to send away. John 20:23 Jesus told us this…If you forgive or send away the sins of any, they are sent away. If you retain or hold on to the sins of any, they are retained.

We have only 2 options when we are sinned against. 1) Send it away. 2) Hold on to it. only 2 options. If you hold on to it then it corrupts you, it rots your insides. For the rest of your life. Physically, emotionally, you get into this Self destruct cycles you commit emotional suicide.

In sending an offence away, what your actually sending away are the feelings you have about what that person did. Which means you’ve got to release the judgements you passed about that person and what they did.

We have to come to the place that when people do something, to say I know what they did but I don’t know WHY they did it. Helps us to understand that everything done TO me is not necessary about me. They are just messed up, from their childhood or whatever.

Understanding it doesn’t send the pain away.
People do what they do, regardless of who’s around. What they do to me just occurs because I’m around when they do what they do. But really has nothing to do with me. Or little to do with me.

So what you’ve got to send away more than anything else are the emotions that are flooding you because of the temptation to pass judgement that would become YOUR stumbling block. Become your emotional suicide.
Not complicated ! Luke 6 Jesus fed the 5,000, he looked at his need and his resources. He had the opportunity to not trust God, to limit his situation to his provision and the need. Mark 6:41 He Looked UP into heaven then blessed the bread, broke it and everyone had more than enough to eat.

That phrase “Look up into heaven” in the greek is the exact same phrase used over in Luke ch. 4 where he says the spirit of the Lord is upon me to open the blind eyes. Luke 4:18 is quoting from Isaiah 61: that’s not about physically not being able to see, even though Jesus opened blind eyes,Luke 4 is not about the physical…
All of Luke 4 quoting Isaiah 61 are the emotional effects of having a broken heart.
So from this broken heart I prevert the world and don’t see the world or God clearly. Jesus did something to overcome that temptation. In the greek that word “Looked to heaven means” (same thing as in book of Luke) He recovered sight. In other words he looked to God to recover his perception. so that now he has the capability of seeing the situation from God’s perspective and from God’s resources.
ONLY after he had intimately connected with God was he able then to bless and the bread and the fish.

as soon as you feel a negative emotion you should stop and immediately send that away. The way you do that is by saying “I don’t want you, I don’t accept you, your not from God”. You will get relief. And that may be the end of it based on where you are in your beliefs. Many times it will keep coming back and you will have to recover sight. Your going to have to have to look at this from God’s perspective and realize that you have the internal resources to be bigger than this situation.

You send that stuff away, connect with God, then your capable of showing mercy! Mercy says I don’t have to get vindication , I don’t have to punish you. There are natural consequences like you go to prison.

Tribe Writers

I didn’t plan on going but as the time drew near
I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to attend your conference and to get serious about writing.

I have free miles to fly there, 2 nights free at the Marriott, I posted on the conference page for a roommate for the other 2 nights and Liz Wilcox answered the next day. I decided it all things came together so I could go. I’m going through a divorce and really had to watch my money.

I have attended a few Christian Writer’s Seminars in MI but this was my first Regular Writer’s Seminar.
Even though your site did not mention publishers being there as the Christian writer’s did. I brought 3 sample chapters and table of contents for my book on Christian Divorce. I thought I could get feed back from other writer’s.

On the second day I sat down to meet a lady I had not seen til now. She was a publisher! I showed her my table of contents and talked about my book being faith based. She made a suggestion for the title, which I loved, and told me to send her my first draft. I was surprised and felt this was the main reason the Lord had lead me there.
I had planned on self publishing. I thought about it and started to pray about it. I think the Lord is leading me to a publisher to give the book more credibility.

The encounter definitely confirmed I need to finish the book and encouraged me very much.
All the speakers were inspiring and I wrote down many key phrases to keep in mind and motivate me each day.
I signed up for some of the free classes and I am doing Seanwes course now.
I discovered my goblin and how she felt inferior with going through a divorce and not finishing things because of the emotional turmoil.

I have signed up for next year with the $100 off!

Thank you Jeff for putting this together. https://tribewriters.com/