The Last Rejection

Suzy was doing very well on her own. She had worked through a lot of emotions and spiritual growth in the last two and a half years. She had blocked her ex on Facebook and didn’t want to know what he was doing. Which is a healthy thing to do. Never the less others would tell her what was going on.

The ex would tell many people, hoping it would get back to her. Narcissistic people want to know you still care even if they hate you. One of her friends told her he was getting married at the end of the month. She knew it was a matter of time.

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Who Needs Money

Five Stories That shows…..Who needs money, I’ve got God!

  1. Roof – March 2018 I needed a new roof. My backdoor neighbor took a photo of the shingles were flapping in the wind. I decided three quotes were needed to make an educated decision. How much money and what type of shingles.

The third quote was a man who had worked in a factory that made shingles. He showed the insurance adjuster the damage from the winds and the insurance covered it all.

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