How Summer Has Flown By

We can lose track of time doing things we enjoy
Work, hobby, responsibilities, We can lose track of time

I have been in a process of refinancing my house to upgrade functional things like A/C, Irrigation, Flooring and more. I totally lost track of time and my writing has suffered. I am now getting back to writing my book and thinking about what to blog about next. Any suggestions?

Be in the moment, Don’t try to do too many things at one time. Prioritize what needs to be done vs wants. Then prioritize the wants, which want is most important to you? How much time and effort do you want to give that want? Making a popsicle house may be relaxing and therapeutic to you. It would be good to do that when you are stressed. Find something that relaxes you, besides watching tv, which can keep you up at night. Crochet, garden, woodworking, photography? Ask yourself if I could do anything, that I would enjoy, what would it be?

It is crucial to get sleep and eat well during transitions or stressful times. It is very difficult to control your thoughts and temper when you are hungry, tired and rundown. Self control is key in relationships, eating, working, hobbies and anything you might binge on.

Living in Peace is key for me. Is it for you? What are you willing to do or not do, to live in Peace? That will be my next article and yes it will be based on scripture. There is a huge difference between what religion teaches and scripture says. Would you like to know more? I am not going to argue with those who are religious and legalistic. I will help those willing to learn truth based on scripture and open minded. Let me know what you are interested in.

The holidays are upon us. What are your plans?

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