When you feel down/depressed

Are you depressed? If you aren’t working and no children to care for then you just sit around in your pjs day and night. Trying to take care of a few things so you feel some what productive. Or maybe there is a call you need to make so you do that. If there are children or a job you do what you must and crash the rest of the night or weekends. You prefer to stay in bed all day of watching old movies and sleeping. What do you do?

Yes there is a depression that you may need to see your doctor for help and get counsel for. My Christian counselors were a tremendous help in those many months I cried and struggled through one day at a time. It can take months or a year to get over a loss of a loved one, a divorce, or any great life change.


1) You must Grieve your losses, they may be many. Grieving is God’s gift. Because if you don’t cry it out and grieve the losses you will get stuck and become a angry bitter person. You Must grieve the loses to become emotionally healthy. You need to be emotionally healthy when you meet those who have hurt you, in the future.

2) Give yourself a specific time to be down. One hour or One day depending on why. after that set time, get up, shower, get dressed and go out. Staying in the house can be depressing. Go Grocery shopping, do errands, take a walk, go to the gym. Exercise is great for endorphins. Sunshine, fresh air, birds singing can all be uplifting. I find talking to God when I’m outside makes me feel closer to Him.

3) Create a plan of action even if it is to do only one thing a day. Go outside once a day. Go for that walk or just to the grocery store. Malls are cool for walking if it is too hot out. Many allow walkers before stores open.

4) Make a list of things that make you happy or you would like to try/do. Try some meet up groups that you have an interest in or join a club. Bird watching? Rving? Photography? Biking? You don’t have to commit to it , just Try it! Maybe it is a new career/job? take a class, read some books, listen to audible books.

5) Think outside the box. If your not into college or a specific career, don’t pigeon hole yourself into a labor job or working at a store. Here is a list to spark your creative mind.

Nanny Job even part time babysitting. or senior care… try care.com

Writer – for magazines or your own short book of your interest.

Entertainer – learn to make balloons for children’s parties. Books at libraries or You tube videos.
I have been an entertainer for 30 years.

If your older maybe Santa or Mrs. Claus. Mrs. Claus is like being a grandma. Don’t think of it as performing. I am working on an online course for “Becoming Mrs. Claus”. If younger you can still be a Christmas entertainer with a wig set or consider being an elf.

Mother Goose, Storyteller, Princess parties, Pirate parties, Art parties,Go with what you like to do.

Photography? Try weddings, Home visits or shots at the local park with props or beautiful sunsets.

Fitness trainer?

If nothing was stopping you, what would you like to do or create?

You Know that old saying..”If you do something you love, You’ll never work a day in your life.”

Add up the hours you spend each day on watching tv, computer time, games, etc. Use the time to learn something new and grow.

6) De-clutter – Clutter can make you feel overwhelmed. Pick one small area at a time. And box up any photos or painful memories. Put them away, you can decide to keep them or not latter.

Those are just a few things to help you turn it around but it all starts with you and your mindset.
Think Positive and about now or the future. Not the past and the hurts. Learn to forgive and let go. If not it will only eat you up and make you a bitter angry person.

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