What is your Earthly Destiny

If you are a Child of the King, you have a destiny.
God has a plan for your life here on earth, a purpose for you. Are you fighting against it?

If not he would have taken you home after you had accepted HIM as Lord and Savior.
There is a unique purpose each of us. The reason God has put us here on earth to fill.


Your destiny is not to just go through the motions, routine of everyday life. There is a God given design placed inside your soul. You may feel it calling to you. Your time , abilities, yes even money, are here to fulfill HIS goals. You will receive peace when you follow your special calling.

Lots wife looked back and that was the end of her. Are you going to keep looking back and beating yourself up for your mistakes, Holding grudges, not forgiving and loving others? Or look FORWARD as Christ has taught us. Christ even said let the dead bury the dead, follow me. Seems harsh but he is saying the spiritually dead bury the dead when it happens. They were not spiritually alive.

Will you be Alive for Christ and look forward. Or let Satan torment you with the past and keep you stuck in the mud with iron chains wrapped around you, unable to move forward.
Think about that image for a minute. It is a choice. Your choice.
Sometimes it is an everyday or every min. choice when things are tough. You have to keep choosing to push forward and not look back.

Stop putting yourself in Jail and punishing yourself.
God has set you free. Why do you want to stay there? Don’t let others keep putting you there either.
Even if it is a spouse, Parent or child.

There are many detours in our plan. We never plan detours and chaos. But in our detours is where we are developed into where God can use us. To gain mastery over what we know.So we can handle it over.
Part of understanding your destiny is failing to understand our detours. If we don’t understand them we give room to anger, bitterness, resentment, impatient, even anger at God. rather than allowing the detours to develop us, they become our stumbling blocks, setting us back, keeping us from moving forward. Which will cause more detours for us to see the light and grow. It can become a cycle and you get stuck, never moving forward.

God won’t allow your destiny to happen until he knows you can handle it Spiritually, Physically and Emotionally.
If your not ready it will slip through your fingers and you will never know what could have been, for his glory.
God is very focused on developing us to our full potential.
Most of the time our biggest battle is not with God rather with ourselves.

You can keep on the original plan and get no where. Or take the detour and learn from it to become the person you were meant to be. In other words do you want to take the longer hard road and get no where or take the difficult road, learn what the Lord has intended to teach you and become the person He Knows you can be.

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