There is a difference between Sadness and Depression

From the book Psychopath free by Jackson MacKenzie, get it on Audible today!

“Depression is hopeless, frightening and mind numbing.

Sadness is beautiful, the gentle moment when your spirit prepares itself for a fresh start. When you begin to feel real sadness it’s a sign that your reaching the light at the end of the tunnel.
Instead of devastation, emptiness, and upsetting triggers, your heart is ready to make one last transition.


Your done mourning the loss of your soulmate ready to mourn for yourself. you go from a perpetual state of thinking about someone else to suddenly thinking about wheat you have lost during all of this. Friendships, career opportunities, SELF Esteem, HEALTH and Dignity. Fortunately (Most) of these loses can be reversed. You find as you return to your toots all of these things fall back into place. Some will even improve especially relationships.”

Above the (Most),is my, Nora’s, comment. The book says all but your health may not be what it was before even though you will improve from not being under that stress all the time. Career opportunities may be there but may not be as good as ones you missed.

You will need to grieve your loses so you can move on. Other wise you get stuck. Grieving the loses helps you to heal and become emotionally healthy.

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