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Audible books is more than just listening to a book online. It was key in my recovery and a lifesaver.
For a year and half I listened everyday to free podcast that helped me grow and Audible books on Narcissism, toxic people, how they think, behave and how I should respond. I learned a whole new vocabulary! I cannot emphasize enough how key this was in my healing. Yes I had professional counselors, a good friend, but listening to these books validated me,

 that I am not the crazy one and taught me how to deal with a toxic person.

They taught me how a Narcissistic person thinks, believes, behaves, and HOW I should respond or NOT respond. NC = No Contact is best for many and I found that best for me. It is so easy to be drawn back into the Narcissistic world because you lived there. You allowed yourself to be conditioned to it.

That is the difference between being a victim and being a Survivor… you allowed it, consciously or subconsciously. Taking responsibility for that makes you a survivor!
Listen in the car, while working in the kitchen. laundry, lying in bed just resting or going to sleep.
Use your phone with the earbuds to listen more privately. Turn your phone on Audible while soaking in the tub.

Just Listen and get it in your brain. You can re-listen and take notes latter. DON’T wait til you can take notes. You will just waste opportunities to learn, limit your growth and healing time.

I will list some of the books that helped me the most at the bottom.

When you sign up you get one to two credits free to get 1-2 books. Each month you pay the $15 you get one credit that equals one book. You can buy books also. I save my credits for more expensive books and buy the $3 ones.

The 2 podcast that helped me see what the bible really says vs religion were…

1-8 is on Healing the Brokenhearted and I urge you to go back to those first 8 and listen to one a day to catch up.

This is an example of one that helped me, that is free to listen to as you scroll down past the ones you buy and listen to the free half hour teachings.

I like them all and get new insights but in this series 2 stand out…
“I think I’m being controlled” and “Becoming What I Behold”

Paradigms, Perspectives, and The Glory of God

Books…In order I think that helped me the most…

Psychopath Free – Jackson MacKenzie
Verbally Abusive relationships – Patrica Evans
Manipulation – Sarah Nielsen
Healing from Hidden Abuse -Shannon tomas
Becoming the Narcissist’s Nightmare – Shahida Arabi
Safe People – Dr. Henry Cloud/Dr.John Townsend
Boundaries in Marriage and Boundaries – Cloud and Townsend
12 Christian Beliefs that Can Drive You Crazy – Cloud and Townsend

For Mom’s with Children still at home…
Divorcing a Narcissist – Rebecca Merritt, Tina Swithin

There are others in my library on Audible but these are longer and give you the most information for your credit and time.

These are what has helped me heal and grow this last year and half and I know they can help you, IF you take the time to listen to them. Listen everyday to heal faster.

In Christ, the only place to be!, Nora

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