ARE You Settling

Are you settling? What is Settling? To settle is to sink Gradually !

In your work? In your friendships? In your relationships?

Is it really what you want to do what your doing for a job? Or is there something you would rather be doing or even dreaming of doing? Why not find a way to make it reality? Think outside the box. There are other jobs besides a 9 to 5 job, even without a college degree. There are many options out there depending on your inclination. Do you love children? Then consider being a nanny, working at a daycare, a teacher’s assistant, get your home certified as a preschool/daycare.

Do you love photography? Entertaining? Take courses, get a mentor, do some free or low cost jobs for friends and neighbors for the experience and to get your name out there.

Dating the same guy/girl, just with a different face and name? Take “Divorce Care” class (google the name to find a free class near you), sign up for Audible books and listen to books on toxic people, manipulation, Narcissistic personality, “Verbally Abusive Relationships” how to recognize and how to respond by Patrica Evans. I can recommend more if you sign up, which I highly encourage because you can learn SO much faster!

Friendships – We are drawn to people like us. So pick people who are like you want to be. Are your friends complainers, gossips, negative thinkers? Pick people who are positive, who forgive and are compassionate. Pick friends who go for their dreams and not giving excuses why they can’t accomplishing their goals. Do your friends eat everything insight and sit around all day. Pick friends who are active and think healthy living. You are like the friends you hang with. That doesn’t apply to just teens rather to all.

The Church treats marriage as an idol. I am not saying not to take it seriously but God does not want you to stay in a Verbally abusive or Physically abusive relationship. Physical is easy to show the abuse because there are marks and proof. That doesn’t make it easier to leave. You still make excuses for him/her then your in denial.

Verbal abuse is worse in two ways. 1) There are no marks/proof so it is harder for others and even you to see.
2) It plays with your mind to make you feel like your the crazy one and plays with your emotions. You are confused because you are convinced deep down he loves you and is just a victim of his original family or a past love, etc.
You make excuses for him/her explosions, manipulation, controlling ways. Which I have addressed in previous post. The point here is Don’t settle! Your spouse should support you, encourage you, build you up, take your side in conflicts not others… WHEN they care more about what others think about THEM, than what you think about THEM. It’s not about right or wrong, they only care what others think of them.

The way to know if He or she is the right one …Is there a compromise? He/She can look perfect and often are very charming but is there a compromise? Is it all about what He/she wants and not honoring you? What compromises do you see? Look at the RED Flags! Don’t be in denial and regret it for years or the rest of your life. Don’t watch your children become like the toxic person. 80% of the child’s personality is formed by the age of 5 !
Don’t sink into oblivion!

To settle is to sink Gradually

The definition of courage is that your the only one who knows your afraid.

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