Do You Have A Spirit Of Fear

Not from a place of fear But from a place of strength !

1. Do you live in a place of fear? or from a place of strength? What drives you? Are your decisions made out of fear? NEVER make a decision based on Fear. Do what is right, what your heart tells you, Not what your fear tells you.

If you are a Christian, Pray about it and listen to that inner voice – the Holy Spirit. Get in a quiet place, no TV, computer, business of life. Don’t listen to the fear, doubts, voices of toxic people.

Remember the bible says “Do NOT Fear” 365 times. One for each day of the year! How Great is that!

2. There are many scriptures that say things like “As a man thinks so he is”, Whatever things are good, wholesome, true,pure, etc. SO think on these things. Don’t be dwellin on the crappy stuff! Change your mindset, it is a matter of choice!

It Doesn’t say think on the worst. Yes you need to think ahead and plan but do not let the fear of what may happen decided your choices for you. Be prepared for the worst but Plan for the best!

A Place of strength.

Are you at peace in your spirit between you and your Lord.

Even if it is going to turn your world upside down and cause you great pain, anguish and tears?

Search your spirit with lots of quiet time, in the scriptures, prayer, christian music, studies, podcast, etc. to allow God’s word and spirit to guide you.

Guide you to the place where even if you lose it all as Job did. You know this is the path God wants you to go down or a path he is saying no don’t go down. Follow Him and He will direct your paths…Prov. 3:5-6

Are you willing to lose it all? What do you count as the most dearest things to your heart? Your Children? Are you willing Like Job to Trust in God and the bigger picture? Because we can only see a small part. Sometimes we can not see beyond our nose.

In China when they made silk on the looms; there was one person sitting at the top, up high, on the loom and another person at the bottom. The person at the bottom was putting on silk thread in at a time as the person on the top directed them to. Only the person on the top could see the pattern or big picture. It takes distance to see the pattern. It is like looking at the underside of a tapestry. All you see are threads and knots. Turn it over and see a beautiful scene of flowers or other designs.

Our lives may look like threads and knots to us. God sees the beautiful tapestry and maybe a few good friends may see the changes in spiritual growth. You are on the road to becoming more Christ like as you develop a RELATIONSHIP with Christ and not just a religion.

Go BOLDLY, securely, with NO Fear rather Confidence in who you are IN Him!
Go Deep, Go for the Relationship with Christ over ALL others!

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