Never Run Back to What Broke You

Have you heard of two steps forward and one step back? In these situations it is one step forward and 10 steps back, IF you give in to emotions or manipulation. Keep the eyes of your heart wide open!

Get a counselor who specializes in Narcissistic behavior and they will know of the other personality types also. A Friend who has not “Been there, done that” will not understand or be able to help. They will give you bad advice and confuse you. Instead of validating you they will make you question yourself. And you have had enough of “IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT”.

Be a Strong Warrior Woman. SEE yourself as a Warrior Not as a weak spineless woman who lets who emotions rule her instead of common sense and logic. Let your head rule not your emotions. We all can let our emotions rule and take over. Whether it is anger, jealousy, Love, putting up with controllers, manipulators, or Narcissistic person.

Don’t let them confuse you and twist up your words. The battle is won and lost in the mind. You decide but when you do stick to it , DON’T look back!

Don’t torture yourself with the past and what could have been. Like Lot’s wife who looked back and turned to the pillar of salt. If you keep looking back you will be held back. You can’t move forward. Not to mention personally you will become and angry bitter person. anger and bitterness will only eat you up. It does not hurt anyone else but you. Do you want to continue being used, hurt, angry? Will you Be brave enough to make a change Change is scary, fear of the unknown. The majority will stay in a bad situation for fear of the unknown. We think we don’t have what it takes, we’re not strong enough, brave enough, etc.

You will be strong enough if you keep your eyes on the future not the past! Conquer your Fears! How? Face them without fear. Don’t look for approval from others. Follow your own vision of the future. Find your true Identity and worth in God and NOT people. We all like others to like us but when you have your true identity and worth , know who you really are, it doesn’t devastate you or even shake you if someone doesn’t like you. You can walk with your head held high. Forgive yourself and move on, don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes or let others put you in emotional jail. If you’ve asked forgiveness, tried to make peace, even if it’s not accepted, you’ve done your part. Move on. Don’t let it be a stone around your neck.

You can forgive someone without letting them back into your life. Forgiveness does not mean allowing others to violate you, abuse you, control or manipulate. It doesn’t mean you have to allow others to walk all over you and put up with abuse of any kind. Verbal, physical, neglect or whatever.

Don’t run back to someone who has made you feel worthless, degraded you, used you, anything other than treat you with respect and honor. Like Joseph of the bible RUN away, run in the other direction.

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