Divorce, What Your Lawyers Don’t Tell You Part 2

4. Don’t let your emotions cloud your head. Think through what your need to make it financially, furniture, cars, etc.. And if there are children involved figure out what is best for them.

5. Enroll them in Divorce care for Kids (DC4K) and yourself in Divorce Care. It is Free except the cost of the book which is optional but highly recommended, especially for the Kids course. Google it and put in your zip code to find the closest one near you. They are usually held in churches and only a few have the children’s course.

6. Look for counselors that specialize in Verbal or physical abuse. For the children, look for counselors who specialize in Children of divorce and any abuse that may have occurred.

7. Most people don’t recognize they have been verbally abused. I highly recommend Patricia Evans book “Verbally Abusive Relationships”, how to recognize it and How to respond. Get it on audible to listen to it and start the healing process. The first month you get 2 credits that is normally 2 books. The first month is free. put it on your calendar a few days before that month is up to cancel if you can not afford to continue. I continued because I I can learn so much faster and listen while I do things around the house or driving in the car. I buy the hard copy also to highlight and underline. Listen or read it at least 2 times. It will validate you, your feelings and help you see the truth, which you may have been in denial about. The second book to learn more and understand where the abuser is coming from, what they are thinking and believe. On you tube google Patrick Doyle and Emotional Abuse. Patrick has many others including emotional healing, setting boundaries, what your behavior reveals about you, How to deal with someone who has offended you and more.

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