Divorce, What Your Lawyers Don’t Tell You & More

Unless you agree on upon everything, it will take a year or more. There is a cooling off period After you file. Cooling off  period  depends what state your in. It could be 90 days or 6 months. After the cooling off period the lawyer can push your files on in the court system. You may have to remind the lawyer when the time is up since they are working on more than one case and the average divorce is not of great importance to them.

You have to be your own lawyer as far as keeping after them. And you have to carefully read all the proposals and paperwork sent your way. Read it and re-read it until you understand every word.

Make a list of things you want out of the house and divorce over all. Then break it down into an A, B, C list. A is what is the most important to you. B you would really like but things on the A list is more important. C. are things you want but willing to give up to get your A list. The C list is a negotiating list and maybe some of the B list to get what is most important on your A list.

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