The Search for Peace & Joy

Do you ever feel there will never be Peace in your life?

That you will never find true joy?

Do you feel like your walking on eggshells or just spinning your wheels?

I have found true peace and joy comes within. If your looking outside yourself you will never find it. Are you looking for Love and Approval from a person? I am a Christian and found true peace and joy is when you only look to God for Love and approval. That is key. Secondary is to do heart work.

Why are you seeking approval from almost everyone or even one person?

Find yourself Self worth and true value, work on your Co-dependency.

Yes you may have thought you have worked on it before and even taken a course or two. So did I. But as long as you are seeking approval and love from your spouse, friends, business associates, you are Broken. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be loved. But when that love is controlling you, when you allow your self to be manipulated, told you you are the problem, It’s always your fault and sometimes you believe it. Then you are in need of healing.

When you no longer know who you are anymore or what you like because you have been told what you should like or should prefer. Do you like round or square say in a ring? Are you a water person or a pet person? Do you like white walls or colored walls? Do you like the beach or the mountains? Those are test questions to start you thinking.

When you become happy with who you are and don’t feel you need another person to “Fulfill” you or “complete” you. Which all sounds romantic but is a far cry from healthy.

When you can be alone and not feel incomplete, or need someone to make you happy. When you can be happy alone then you are being healed.

I have read several books and took courses but none really helped like some newer books I’ve read. “Take control of your life” by Jim Richards at .

And “Verbally Abusive Relationships, How to recognize them and How to Respond” by Patricia Evans. Start with those two but I can recommend more when your ready.

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