You were Born to Fly!

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What is weighing you down?

Maybe it’s materialism? The wrong Job? Or a relationship?

If we get caught up in things. What we own soon owns us. Meaning it takes a lot of our time, effort and or money to keep them up. Maybe it is people pleasing or a bad marriage. It could be family and friendships that we have not stopped to question. We know how we feel, controlled, manipulated, put down, brushed off, trust your gut. It doesn’t matter if it’s your mother, sister, or who you thought was a good friend.

You can become so frustrated, confused, or worry yourself sick, literally and physically sick. Many illnesses are caused by stress, worry and guilt.

As the song says “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. Let them go also. People who tell you things, like it’s all your fault, your the problem, or makes you feel like you don’t matter, Let Them GO!

Are you doing things like a hobby you no longer enjoy? Let it Go!

There are seasons in life and a hobby, a job, or a relationship. Time has moved on and we must learn to move on with it. Don’t get stuck.

Grieve your losses, mourn the death of the dream and make new ones.

You were not made to live mundane life, You were born to fly!

Believe it and act upon it!

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