How do you deal with your Emotions?

Do you bury them? Cry?
When you go through traumatic things like a death of a Loved one, that is very different than you broke a favorite figurine.

When my mom died I tried to explain it to my husband that my tears and emotions came out of nowhere. It could be a thought, a smell, a photo, a holiday.

That the emotions hit you like waves out of nowhere.


You must grieve the loss, feel the pain, in order to move on. Otherwise you get stuck. 

It may be the death of the dream, of what you wanted and thought you would have but it didn’t work out that way, like a marriage. 

Realize you were in Denial, or are codependent, work on you and move on. 

Leave the past in the past and don’t beat yourself up over it.  It could take months or years to stop crying and grieving. There is no time limit on grief and loss. The key is not to bury it or stuff it down because they it eats at you, you get sick and are emotionally stuck. 

Also don’t let others put you in Emotional Jail. Trying to make you pay for things in the past. That is their problem if they can not let it go and move one. Don’t let them make it your problem. 



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