What Is Holding You Back?

Change is scary. It requires leaving our comfort zone but isn’t that what we want? Our comfort zone is not so comfortable, we may even be miserable! We want out. Do you find yourself asking questions like is there more to life than this? Or thinking “There must be a better way”. Fear of the unknown is great. Patrick Doyle says we only change for one of two reasons. Inspiration or Desperation. Are you Desperate enough to change? Pain is the biggest motivating factor.

If your in a difficult relationship and don’t see it as toxic yet, you may be confused or think your going crazy. If so you are being manipulated. To get a clear picture of your situation, study Controlling, manipulating, and Narcissistic people. One book I recommend is by Patricia Evans, Verbally Abusive Relationship, How to Recognize them and How to Respond. Also You Tube videos by Patrick Doyle, UNSafe people, Emotional Abuse and more.

Fear – How will I make it financially? I didn’t care if I had to become a Walmart greeter, I was getting out of this Verbally abusive situation. I was willing to do what it takes and figure it out as I go. I also knew God would guide me in what i needed to do and help me each step of the way.

Yes I am a Christian and I don’t know how people make it through difficult and painful situations without God. He has been my comfort, counselor and guide. I don’t think I could have made it without Him.

I decided to Make NO Decisions out of Fear. I would not let Fear stop me from moving forward. Staying in the situation I was in, was NOT an option. Decide you will not allow Fear to KEEP you where you are. Decide you will NOT let Fear STOP you! Make a plan, start today, there are no surprises, you know what is going on. You may be in denial and have to do some Heart work/soul searching, but start today.

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