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I didn’t plan on going but as the time drew near
I felt lead by the Holy Spirit to attend your conference and to get serious about writing.

I have free miles to fly there, 2 nights free at the Marriott, I posted on the conference page for a roommate for the other 2 nights and Liz Wilcox answered the next day. I decided it all things came together so I could go. I’m going through a divorce and really had to watch my money.

I have attended a few Christian Writer’s Seminars in MI but this was my first Regular Writer’s Seminar.
Even though your site did not mention publishers being there as the Christian writer’s did. I brought 3 sample chapters and table of contents for my book on Christian Divorce. I thought I could get feed back from other writer’s.

On the second day I sat down to meet a lady I had not seen til now. She was a publisher! I showed her my table of contents and talked about my book being faith based. She made a suggestion for the title, which I loved, and told me to send her my first draft. I was surprised and felt this was the main reason the Lord had lead me there.
I had planned on self publishing. I thought about it and started to pray about it. I think the Lord is leading me to a publisher to give the book more credibility.

The encounter definitely confirmed I need to finish the book and encouraged me very much.
All the speakers were inspiring and I wrote down many key phrases to keep in mind and motivate me each day.
I signed up for some of the free classes and I am doing Seanwes course now.
I discovered my goblin and how she felt inferior with going through a divorce and not finishing things because of the emotional turmoil.

I have signed up for next year with the $100 off!

Thank you Jeff for putting this together.

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