Not Finishing

Nora O’Malley

Do you find yourself not finishing many things you start? Or not even starting with your ideas, things you would like to do? Have you been told you can’t do it, you’re not good enough, who do you think you are? Your kidding, right? Or maybe you have set too many resolutions that you have broken through the years and in the Back of your mind, maybe way….back…you doubt yourself.

First things first…It all starts in the mind. Stop saying “I’ll try”. To “try” is to allow yourself a way out and to fail. So WIPE that word out of your vocabulary.

Secondly take baby steps. Finish something small, all those small things will add up to a big win. Or maybe your the type who wants to finish something big. That is great also, just don’t pick something long term to finish first. You can work on the long term but finish some of those small things. That will give you a sense of accomplishment.

Third Start thinking what are your limiting beliefs? What are limiting beliefs? They are the things you think about and how you see yourself. Do you see yourself as a failure or stuck in the situation your in now. And think there,s no way out? You are never stuck, there is always a way out but most people don’t want to leave their comfort zone, even if it’s a war zone. They think better the devil you know than the one you don’t.

Yet scripture tells us to look forward, take care of now and don’t look back. Remember Lot’s wife who looked back and turned to a pillar of salt. When we look back we become bitter, angry, full of regret, and stuck in the past because that is our focus. What are you focusing on?

Where your focus is, there is where your mind and heart will be. Everyday it is a matter of choices. Choose what you will think on. What problems you will solve today, not just dwell on and fret over. Think outside the box. What will your life be like in the future? It can be different and better but you have to choose it. Wishin doesn’t make it happen. Yes you may cry, have doubts and have emotional breakdowns because real change is hard. The question is what do you want out of your life, what would it look like if it were the way you want it to be?

Breaking emotional ties with those close to you is the hardest but needs to be done in cases of emotional and physical abuse. Even if you feel your heart is breaking and can’t imagine your life without the abuser. It needs to be done for your sanity and physical health. Emotional abuse affects your health as much as physical. Instead of bruises, internal bleeding, and broken bones. Instead there are diseases, emotional trauma, suicide, Stockholm syndrome, trauma bonds, back surgeries, Pain that keeps getting worse, health that keeps getting worse. Being told your crazy, your always the problem, nothing you do is right, etc. Patrick Doyle is an expert there are a some good books also like Patricia Evans book “Verbally Abusive Relationships, How to Recognize them and How to respond”. Listen on audible or kindle to learn faster.

It doesn’t matter if your change is small or major, make a plan and stick to it. Don’t let others confuse you, talk you out of it, or make you feel guilty for the changes you need to make. You are worthy and valuable. Your changes are important.

One day at a time, Deep Breaths, No Lookin back.

And don’t let others put you in emotional jail.


Nora O’Malley

Life is a matter of Choices. Choose to have hope, look to a new future and make it what you want it to be.

Yes you can choose to be sad and depressed or to be content even happy.

You choose to live life as is or change it.

What is your choice today?

Our Choices determine our life as it is now and how it will be in the future. Even choosing not to choose is a choice by default. If you decide to do nothing to change and stay in the life you have, that is a choice. You are choosing to stay in a bad situation or a life that is stagnate. If we are not learning and growing, like a tree, we are dying. If a tree does get water and sun to grow it dies. How are you watering and shining in your life? Are you growing or dying?

Are you living in Fear? Fear of the unknown, Fear of Change. Most people fear change because it is the unknown. We are in our comfort zone and are uncomfortable trying new things or changing their Life or situation.

Even now with the Virus going around, are you living in fear? If so contact a friend that will encourage you and lift you up. Not the Negative doom Sayers. Make new friends that give hope and encourage instead of those who complain and are negative.

Fast and pray. Fasting has many benefits to the body, allowing the kidneys and liver to rest, to cleanse out toxins and spiritually to focus on solving a problem or becoming closer to God. Develop a relationship with God a your loving heavenly father.